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The 20 Most Popular Girls' Names From The 1990s

The ear-splitting sounds of dial-up modems, the mechanical snap of a Furby's eyes, the aroma of a Mcdonald's happy meal — it could only be the '90s. Little girls born in this decade would grow up dancing to the Spice Girls wearing their primary-colored clothes. And they’d need an awesome name to match. Parents opted for a healthy mix of trendy pop culture references and timeless classics. If you had a baby in the '90s, or are one yourself, see if your name ranked within the Social Security Administration's top twenty!


Also a warm-hued jewel, Amber is a name that was on the rise for decades. And it enjoyed its last golden era in the '90s. The popularity of Saved By The Bell’s Tiffani Amber Thiessen might have had something to do with it.


Few names are as powerful and regal as the personification of victory. This name saw a sharp increase for daughters all over the country, though there isn’t a specific reference to pinpoint other than the '80s musical comedy Victor/Victoria.


The most-improved name goes to Alexis, hands down. All the odds were against the Greek-derived word for “helper,” until the character Alexis Colby from the television show Dynasty made the name very trendy.


People called Nicole didn’t have to convince anybody that it’s a classic title. New parents need only have looked to then-curly red-haired actress Nicole Kidman for confirmation that they were choosing correctly.