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Most People Have No Clue That These Actors Starred In Multiple Roles In The Same Movie

"Wait... isn't that — no, it can't be." Most of us are pretty good at spotting our favorite stars when they pop up on screen, though there's always that mysterious character with the thick facial hair and unnatural features that has us convinced we're seeing double. Well, your eyes weren't pulling tricks on you after all, as these actors managed to get away with playing multiple roles in the same film without anyone ever catching on — until now.

1. Eddie Murphy, The Nutty Professor

In The Nutty Professor Murphy realized that if you want things done right, you've got to do them yourself. That's why throughout the film, the legendary comedian portrays not one, not two, but seven characters!

A family affair

That's right, Murphy donned multiple wigs, costumes, and personalities in order to play the entire Klump family in the flick. From Para Cletus Klump and Grandma Ida Mae Jenson to Lance Perkins, a Richard Simmons-like character, Murphy's boundless talent is on display in this wacky movie.

2. Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2

In Deadpool 2, Reynolds came back to play the foul-mouthed, fourth-wall-breaking superhero. But while another actor might have put all his energy behind the character that made him famous, Reynolds had something else in mind.

Playing good and evil

Along with Deadpool, Reynolds also voiced and served as the motion-capture subject for Juggernaut, the film's massive, hulking antagonist. The two mutants go head to head several times throughout the film, and Reynolds said he had a blast contributing to both unique characters.