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Strange Cat And Dog Behaviors That Have Fascinating Scientific Explanations

Has your dog or cat ever done anything totally bizarre, but in a really cute way? Maybe they tilt their heads just so when you talk to them, or they follow you into the bathroom when you’re taking care of private matters. You’re left wondering, “Why do they do that?”

Well, scientists have broken down different odd behaviors that nearly all our fluffy friends exhibit, and as it turns out, there is a rhyme and reason for their quirks. With their findings, you’ll never have to wonder what in the world your “odd” pooch is doing…

Boxed Cats

Although adorable, cats are natural predators, so they like to hide in places where they can observe others. Boxes help them do that, which is why they prefer cardboard to the very expensive bed you bought them.

Face Licks

If a dog approaches you and just starts licking your face, it's not because you have food on your cheek; they're trying to show you that they come in peace. You can try and reciprocate it, but that might be odd.

Open-Mouth Sniffs

Has your cat ever made a strange, open-mouth face? It's not because she's shocked. Felines do something called flehmen, where they draw in air over their vomeronasal, an organ in their mouths. This lets them pick up different scents that their noses can't.


When humans yawn, it's a physical response to being tired or bored. Dogs will yawn when they're tired, yes, but they'll also do so to express passive behavior in a group. If a dog feels comfortable, yawning is their way to say they aren't aggressive and everything is cool.