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Big Brands That Are Behind People's Favorite Kirkland Bargains At Costco

If you’re a card-holding Costco member, you’ll know you can get some serious bargains — especially if it comes wrapped in a Kirkland label. And you're not always sacrificing quality for price. Did you know that some of your favorite Kirkland products are actually produced by big-name brands? Yep, you can pick up premium goods for cheap if you know where to look – so let us clue you in...

40. George Dickel bourbon

Once upon a time, the supplier of Kirkland Signature bourbon was apparently none other than Jim Beam. Nowadays, though, Costco sells a Tennessee straight bourbon whiskey that may come from another famous brand. Yes, while it hasn’t been confirmed, those in the know believe that George Dickel produces the liquor for the big-box store.

39. Humboldt Creamery ice cream

Crystal Creamery acquired Humboldt Creamery and kept the brand afloat – meaning it could manufacture frozen sweets for other labels. So, while it’s not confirmed, it’s likely that Humboldt makes the Kirkland Signature vanilla ice cream. That’s despite the fact that the firm’s own-label products sometimes appear in their own packaging at Costco.

38. Jelly Belly jelly beans

When you just need a handful of jelly beans, Costco is there with four-pound containers of the snackable sweets. These come in 49 different flavors – all kosher and sans fat. And if this all sounds familiar, you could be on to something. Yup, it turns out that the Kirkland-brand candy is actually from Jelly Belly, the famous maker of gourmet jelly bean flavors.

37. Rice’s honey

Costco makes it a mission to supply its Kirkland Signature 100% Local Raw Unfiltered Honey from, well, local beekeepers. Not every state has the producers to make the amount that the big-box retailer needs, though. Sometimes, the company has to create a blend from bees across the U.S. And if you live close to Colorado, your Costco jar may come from Rice’s.