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What 40 Iconic Celebrities Wore To Meet The Queen

What would you wear if you got to meet the Queen? Elbow-length white gloves and a gown? A red leather jumpsuit? Jeans? Turns out, all of the above – and more – have been donned by some of the famous faces who've had occasion to bow or curtsy before Her Majesty. So, who wore what? Read on to find out…

1. Kirk Douglas went with a classic

You can’t go wrong with a tuxedo — a fact that Kirk Douglas seems clued up on based on what he wore to meet the Queen back in 1952. The actor slipped on a crisp, black suit to greet Her Majesty at the London premiere of Because You’re Mine, and looked every part the suave Hollywood hunk. He didn’t actually star in the movie, but we’re sure Elizabeth didn’t mind dishing out the extra handshake.

2. Lady Gaga leathered up

Lady Gaga is arguably known as much for her wacky red carpet fashions as for her musical talent. But we’d bet that event planners for the 2009 Royal Variety Performance expected Gaga to show up in something a little more run-of-the-mill. Instead, the songstress rocked up to meet Elizabeth II in a red leather jumpsuit. Gaga’s matching eye makeup was the cherry-hued fruit atop her bold getup.

3. Jayne Mansfield took it down a notch

Jayne Mansfield rose through the Hollywood ranks for her acting… and for her many publicity stunts, including planned wardrobe malfunctions. Still, even she bundled up when it came time to meet the Queen of England. Her long-sleeved dress was a drastic change from her usual style, which often accentuated the features that made her a major sex symbol in the 1950s and ’60s.

4. Cliff Richard goes glittery

Naturally, Cliff Richard met the Queen in an outfit befitting one of the top-selling musical artists of all time. Not one to shy away, The rock’n’roll icon wore a gold-sequined blazer with a black shirt underneath. The glitzy jacket just happened to go well with the Queen’s beige frock. A match made in fashion heaven.