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Avoid These Common Kitchen Sink Mistakes To Become A Culinary Pro

A kitchen sink is an appliance a lot of us take for granted. But if it clogs or needs repairs, it can cause unimaginable frustration — especially when the damage was our fault, and we didn't even know we were doing anything wrong! So, whether it's the food you're putting down the drain or the fact that you're simply neglecting to check your parts, here are the biggest kitchen-related mistakes you’re probably making.

1. High-fiber Foods

Celery, asparagus, and corn may be good for your digestive system, but they’re not so good for the inner workings of your sink — especially if you have a garbage disposal. The stringy, fibrous materials clog pipes and get wrapped around the blades. At the very best, you’ll have to remove a food hairball from the drain. At worst, you'll break your disposal.

2. Potato Peels

Resist the temptation to peel potatoes over the sink. Potatoes are filled with starch, which can clump into large masses that may get stuck deep inside of your plumbing. It only takes a few potatoes or stray peels for them to congeal into something gross and harmful for your pipes.

3. Pasta and Rice

Like potatoes, pasta and rice are also high in starch. And they easily absorb water, which makes them balloon in size. If a noodle falls down the drain by accident, you’ll probably be all right, but too many at once and you may be in for a major clog!

4. Dairy

Pouring milk in the drain won't clog it, but it does harm the environment. Breaking down dairy uses a ton of oxygen, and removing all that oxygen from an ecosystem can kill local aquatic life. When your dairy has gone bad, just dispose of it in the trash!