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Newly Released Details About Aldi Are Making People Change Their Shopping Habits

With over 2,000 locations in the United States, Aldi is a bargain hunter's dream come true. But even the most loyal of customers have probably never stopped to consider just how it is that a grocer with such low prices can be as successful as they are. Now, customers need not wonder, as the once little-known details behind the franchise have finally come to light. And more than being an interesting look into Aldi's success, the information is actually changing the way customers shop... for better and for worse.

1. Best time to shop

According to those in the know, the best time to shop at Aldi is actually Wednesday morning. Affordable seasonal products and produce are freshly stocked on Wednesdays, so you'll want to get there right when doors open for the best stuff.

2. Name brand products

From time to time, Aldi sells more well-known name brand products, such as Coca-Cola. It's simply not worth it to buy them from here, as the prices don't compare to those of local supermarkets. It may be one of the only instances where certain products cost more at Aldi.

3. Old rival

Oddly, Aldi is sort of related to Trader Joe's. While it's a convoluted story, the chains are independently run by two brothers who previously split due to "business differences." The stores are still bonded through a two-tier system, however, which is why they're similar.

4. Chips

Potato chips are a lot of people's favorite thing to snack on, and for good reason. Salty, crunchy, and satisfying —what's not to like? Well, when it comes to Aldi's Clancy's brand chips, apparently a lot. People say they're just not that good.