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Hilariously Strange Stock Photos We Can't Figure Out Any Possible Use For

The whole point of stock photos is that they can be used to illustrate points that people need illustrated. So it makes sense that there are stock photos of, say, people in offices or people expressing extreme emotions. But in what world is someone going to need a stock photo of someone's head poking out of a toilet? Or of two people with animal heads? Yet these wild images exist, and for some reason, we just can't get enough of them.

Spaghetti for one — hold the sauce!

Bless her, this woman is trying her hardest with what she's been given here. The dodgy photoshopped steam suggests to us that, in reality, these noodles are not only sauce-free but also stone-cold. The thought of eating that cloggy combination is enough to make us hurl — but she seems to be up for the challenge!

Just a man and his duck taking a bath

Look closely enough at this photo and you'll be able to make out this man's bare knee poking up out of the water. So he's dressed for business up top and undressed for leisure down below. What does that mean? We think he probably needs to see somebody about this — and not the quack he's sharing a bath with.

Chickens are friends, not food

If there ever was a situation where we were looking for a "woman with a chicken" photo, we can't imagine finding this and thinking, "Nailed it!" That chicken is on a gold chain, for goodness' sake! And what's with the 1950s decor and the fur coat? There are so many questions — and so few answers. It's cluckin' mad.

Everyone knows the best WiFi connection is in the shallows

Let's put our heads together and figure this one out. The man is in a business suit, but he's standing in tropical waters. He's clearly at work, but he's also on vacation. And he obviously wants to save his laptop — even though his surroundings suggest he doesn't want to work. What does all that add up to? Beats us!