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A Rare Glimpse Within Kat Von D's Massive Gothic Mansion

Tattoo artist Kat Von D has made a big name for herself over the years — and her style is a big part of her appeal. In fact she has a fondness for the elaborate, whether that’s in her choice of clothes, makeup, or, of course, her inkwork. Maybe one of the clearest indications of her unique tastes can be found in the way that she’s decorated her massive mansion. And we have some pictures affording us a peek inside...

Claim to fame

This enormous property — which stands in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Windsor Square — had a claim to fame long before Von D ever moved in. Constructed all the way back in 1896 the building would later be seen on film in 2003. That was when it showed up in the Steve Martin remake of Cheaper by the Dozen.

Enormous place

The property is a noteworthy sight, and a location entirely appropriate for the setting of a Hollywood movie. It stands at three stories on a plot of land stretching out over 27,000 square feet. Inside, according to website Insider, are 11 bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a bunch of other insane features. Website TMZ, meanwhile, reports that there are 13 bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Whichever claim you believe, we can safely say the property is enormous.

Leaving her mark

Von D bought the mansion in 2016 and keen to leave her mark on the place, she got to work right away. At great expense she arranged a bunch of renovations, which gradually shaped the house into her own style. By the time she was finished with it, it looked completely different from the way it had in Cheaper by the Dozen.

Dream home

Today, the mansion is a horror-movie fan’s dream home. Littered with stained-glass windows, hidden passageways and bars, and dark, creepy paneling, the house certainly suits Von D’s general vibe. But this is to say nothing of its weirder features. The pièce de résistance, it’s fair to say, is the swimming pool, which is unlike any other.