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Kate And Meghan’s Outfits Paid Tribute To The Queen In The Most Poignant Way

Royal fashion isn’t frivolous: it’s a matter of great importance, especially when it comes to events with a global audience. And the world was certainly watching, with sadness, at the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle both wore uncomplicated black outfits, but they incorporated tiny and touching details that poignantly paid tribute to the late Queen.

Royals in mourning

It would be unthinkable to wear anything but black during a royal period of mourning. This is a duty the royals take very seriously. When the Queen first became the monarch in 1952 she had to wear black for a time to mark the passing of her father, King George VI. Never mind that she’d been in Kenya and not packed any black clothes: it was still expected.

The historic rule of black

As soon as the young Queen’s plane touched down in the U.K. her ladies-in-waiting were quickly dispatched to find her a black dress. Once one was acquired, she got changed on the plane, and then and only then could she face the cameras. Ever since that incident, royals have always traveled with a black outfit to hand, just in case.

In the spotlight

Kate and Meghan stuck firmly to tradition throughout the whole mourning period, but it was no doubt a very challenging time for them both. Not only were they grieving someone who’d meant a lot to them, but they had to do so in front of the whole world’s media. If they’d put a foot wrong fashion-wise, it could have been disastrous.

Elegant suits and dresses

Luckily, they didn’t put a foot wrong. A few days after the Queen’s death, both women and their husbands did a walkabout in Windsor to meet members of the public. Princes William and Harry wore suits while Kate and Meghan wore black dresses: a long-sleeved one for Kate and a short-sleeved one for Meghan. And their jewelry was kept to an absolute minimum.