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One Actor’s Absence From The Malcolm In The Middle Reunion Had Fans Asking Questions

The gang’s all here! That’s the thinking at the latest reunion of the cast of the much-loved sitcom Malcolm In The Middle. They all look different, 20 years on, but if you squint, you can still see the characters you used to watch. Except for one. Dewey’s not here… Erik Per Sullivan, who played young Dewey, is conspicuous by his absence. And fans are left to wonder: where is he?

Hit show

To say that Malcolm In The Middle was successful doesn’t really cover it. Running for seven seasons and 151 episodes, the series debut in 2000 was enjoyed by in excess of 23 million people. The sitcom scooped 46 of the 116 awards for which it was nominated, and it remained popular across its run.

Great sitcom

Even today, it’s remembered as a great sitcom. That’s got a lot to do with a cast that oozed talent, and of course, the wonderful roles they were given to play. Names such as Bryan Cranston, Jane Kaczmarek, and Frankie Muniz as the eponymous Malcolm shone as part of the off-kilter Wilkerson family.

Continuing success

Of course, some of those names have gone on to just as big if not necessarily better things, particularly Cranston and Muniz. They’re instantly recognizable, but you might not know Sullivan if you passed him in the street. And it remains a mystery to fans what became of the boy who played Dewey.

Talented kid

A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, Sullivan is an interesting guy in his own right. Begin with the uncommon name. It’s likely a product of his mom, who’s Swedish by origin. And Sullivan himself speaks her native language as well as English. While he was in most respects a normal kid, he excelled at taekwondo, as well as showing some talent as a musician.