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Former Miami Vice Star's Concerning Views Left Him In A Strange Place With Hollywood Producers

Philip Michael Thomas was all set to be a huge name after playing Tubbs in Miami Vice. He had it all: looks, charisma, talent. But once the show ended, things took a turn for the weird. While his co-star Don Johnson thrived, Thomas disappeared from the spotlight despite his plans to become a megastar. And you’ll be surprised at what exactly happened.

Hard-won role

It was actually due to a huge stroke of luck that Thomas ended up on Miami Vice. The show cost around $1 million per episode, very unusual for the time, and many actors were in competition for the lead roles. None other than Denzel Washington went for the part of Tubbs but it was Thomas who had the best chemistry with co-lead Don Johnson.

Massive hit

As it turned out, Miami Vice was arguably the show of the 1980s. It was slick, sophisticated and cool, gaining a massive army of fans as a result. Everyone thought at that point that Philip Michael Thomas would become a huge star — including the man himself. Interviews from the period show what he believed his future would hold. And he wasn’t afraid to dream very big.

Big plans

In a March 1985 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Thomas enthused about what his future in the entertainment industry would hold. He wanted to get an EGOT — an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony — and he considered his starring role on Miami Vice to be a means to that end. “This is just a stepping stone for me to something far greater,” he explained. “And it’s a great, great stepping stone.”

Golden tickets, Golden Globes

Rolling Stone added that perhaps Miami Vice was Thomas’ “ticket to an Emmy.” But unfortunately, no Emmy nomination would ever come, just one for a Golden Globe. He was pursuing other avenues at the same time, though. That year he released an album, Living the Book of My Life, a track from which actually featured in Miami Vice. But the record still didn’t sell well.