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Queen Elizabeth's Royal Reign In Numbers

Queen Elizabeth’s life was one for the history books — and then some. When you look at the statistics she racked up during her 96 years, it paints an incredible picture. How many nations did she visit during her lifetime? How many thousands of diamonds sat on her crown? These numbers, some of them amusing and some of them downright breathtaking, speak volumes about her remarkable life.

30 Corgis

As you no doubt already know, Queen Elizabeth absolutely loved corgis. Princess Diana allegedly once referred to the dogs as a “moving carpet” that followed their mistress everywhere. And royal historian Robert Lacey told the Associated Press in 2022, “The queen’s best friends were corgis, these short-legged, ill-tempered beasts with a yap that doesn’t appeal to many people in Britain.” But they appealed to her.

20 million people watched her coronation

Queen Elizabeth’s 1953 coronation was a huge event — so big that Brits in their thousands went out to bag up TVs just to feel part of the day. But TV back then was nothing like it was now. You had to huddle your whole family around one tiny screen! It’s thought that 20 million people in all watched the Queen get crowned.

5 dressers planned her outfits

Queen Elizabeth never got dressed solo. She had five dressers to help her put her outfits together — the chief one being Mary Angela Kelly, who was also her good friend. Kelly shared the same shoe size as Elizabeth and often walked around in her new shoes to break them in. What’s more, the former monarch's dressers also got to wear her expensive hand-me-downs! What a perk!

0 driver’s licenses

Queen Elizabeth was the only person in the U.K. who was allowed to drive without a driver’s license. All other royals need to have one if they want to get behind the wheel, but she was an exception. Why? Well, because they were given out to British citizens in her name, there was simply no reason for her to get one. Luckily, she was a good driver.