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DNA Test Exposes New Evidence About The Loch Ness Monster

Is the Loch Ness Monster real? It’s a question we’ve wanted the answer to for years. And every so often, we get an inch closer to discovering the truth about this centuries-old mystery. One professor was so fascinated by the myth that he was determined to expose what secrets were lurking beneath the eerie waters. And to say he made a stunning revelation would be an understatement!

Professor Gemmell

As a geneticist and self-described monster-hunter, Professor Neil Gemmell wanted answers. He’d no doubt heard about the sightings, which actually started hundreds of years ago – back in 656 AD, to be precise. In the first record, a man named St. Columba supposedly prevented the beast from making a vicious attack. And from that moment on, more and more eye-witness accounts of the creature have emerged.

Getting to the bottom

One man named George Spicer reported seeing a dragon-like creature with webbed feet. And in 1933, the Inverness Courier published the terrifying account of a couple named Aldie and John Mackay who’d been driving along Loch Ness in the April of that year. It's enough to send shivers up your spine...

Boiling mass of foam

According to the report, they saw “the creature disport itself rolling and plunging for fully a minute. Its body resembling that of a whale, and the water cascading and churning like a simmering cauldron. Soon, however, it disappeared in a boiling mass of foam.”

Nessie frenzy

After this hit the headlines, local interest in the supposed underwater beast reached a new peak. Tourism in the area increased, and in 1934, a vacationing man was looking out at the loch when he saw something odd. So he grabbed his camera...