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The 20 Most Popular Girls' Names From The 1980s That We Should Bring Back

Whether we're talking about the cut of jeans or the shape of eyebrows, fads and trends come when we want them, and go when we've had enough. And this includes baby names. New moms in the '80s seemed to be obsessed with a few in particular. Can you guess which are the decade’s most popualr?


The name "Katherine" originates from Saint Catherine of Alexandria. The "K" spelling is derived from the Greek word katharos, which means "pure." Try and count all the Kates you know on one hand. Tricky, right?


Oops, I did it again... and again, and again. The name Brittany, known to have complex French, English, and Celtic origins, was the 21st most popular girls' name in the '80s. Today, the name rings synonymous with the legendary pop singer Britney Spears (who uses a different spelling).


Being named Crystal comes with a heavy meaning, as it means "carrier of Christ" in Greek and "follower of Christ" in Latin. It was the ninth most popular girls' name in 1982, with 19,104 babies rocking it.


The name Christina, meaning "a Christian" in Greek, peaked in the U.S. in 1985, with 16,597 Christinas born that year. Christina Applegate, Christina Aguilera, and Christina Hendricks are some of the most famous Christinas we love today.