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Army Dad Takes A Photo Of Woman's Grocery Cart After Spotting What's Inside It

After working so hard in the military, Patrick Gibson was finally able to spend time with his family and focus on their future. And with two new kids and his wife, Whitney, he knew things would be tight financially. So wherever he could, Patrick cut costs. But in a crowded North Carolina supermarket, Patrick saw something that would change his life forever. It angered him deeply, and he shared his encounter on Facebook. He never expected it to become a viral controversy.

Military man

Patrick Gibson was once a young man without many viable career options, but he found a purpose with the U.S. Army. Thanks to his hard work and vision, Gibson's open-ended future finally found a path forward. The veteran developed a strong sense of right and wrong — which spurred him to action that day at the grocery store.

Money on his mind

Money was often on his mind. After finishing his service, Gibson looked for a job that would make him enough money to support himself and his family. He ended up joining the working class like millions of other Americans. Life wasn't lavish, but he was doing just fine and knew the value of his work.

A beautiful life together

Gibson was sure he wanted to forge a new path, starting with a family. He knew that his girlfriend, Whitney, was the one for him and asked her to marry him even though they were young. With enough hard work, they'd make a beautiful life together.

Four mouths to feed

That beautiful life arrived fast and happened in the form of two kids, a boy, and a girl. Gibson suddenly had to make enough money for himself and two other people — three if you count Whitney. Still, he was determined to make it work. After all, he was a veteran! He was no stranger to hard work.