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What Really Happened To The Stars Of The Goonies

Hey, you guys! It’s been over 35 years since The Goonies first hit theaters, and it has never stopped being a beloved classic. Sadly, many of its older cast members are now no longer with us — John Matuszak and Anne Ramsey, who played the iconic Sloth and Mama Fratelli, respectively, both passed away just years after the film was made. But what about the surviving stars, especially the kids? And what have they been up to since their hunt for One-Eyed Willy’s treasure? Let’s find out!

Then: Sean Astin (Mikey)

The Goonies’ intrepid Mikey was, in fact, Sean Astin’s first big-screen role. Of course, he’s gone on to even bigger successes since then – a little trilogy called The Lord of the Rings, for example – but he still thinks fondly of his breakout film and is totally up for a sequel... that is, if he isn't too busy with his current acting projects.

Now: A beloved '80s star

After the massive success of The Lord of the Rings, the work has continued to roll in for Astin. He’s appeared in big TV shows like 24 and Monk, and has even diversified into voiceover roles; it’s him you have to thank for giving Raphael his voice in Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Of course, he most recently had a memorable turn as the beloved Bob Newby in Stranger Things.

Then: Jeff Cohen (Chunk)

Jeff Cohen played the memorable Chunk, the kid who made the “Truffle Shuffle” the scourge of all playgrounds back in the ’80s. And let’s just say that he underwent perhaps the biggest transformation out of all of the Goonies clan, both professionally and physically...

Now: He's unrecognizable these days

In the years since The Goonies, he’s lost some weight, lost some hair, and now looks like a totally different person. And even though Cohen’s since left acting behind and become an entertainment lawyer, he’s not totally averse to reminiscing about the role for which he’s best known. He will also, possibly, do the Truffle Shuffle for you if he’s very drunk and you ask nicely.